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Ovarian Cysts Treatment

At GynaeMD Ovarian Cyst Treatment Clinic,

we believe in empowering our patients with knowledge of advancements in medical care and health problems including ovarian cysts . Ovarian cysts are usually detected during a routine pelvic examination and confirmed through an ultrasound scan. When ovarian cysts enlarge, you might experience symptoms like bloating and severe pelvic pain. Some women may have abnormal menstruation and even infertility.

Our ovarian cyst gynae will formulate an appropriate treatment plan taking into consideration your age, size and nature of the cyst, desire for fertility along with the severity of the symptoms. Conservative management with repeat ultrasound scans a few months later is appropriate if the cyst is small, asymptomatic, appears to be benign on ultrasound scan and the ovarian cancer markers are not significantly raised.

However, if the cyst is causing unbearable pain and is affecting your daily activities, an ovarian cyst treatment in the form of medication or surgery may be recommended.

Ovarian Cyst Medications


If your ovarian cysts are not showing any signs of resolving, our gynae may prescribe analgesia for pain relief and / or oral contraceptives to prevent new cysts from developing.


The ovarian cyst can be removed without removing the ovary (cystectomy) especially if the cyst is benign and fertility is to be preserved. On the other hand, the cyst and ovary can be removed (oophorectomy) together if it is cancerous or if the patient is nearing menopause or already menopause as the risk of cancer increases in these older women. Both cystectomy and oophorectomy can be performed via laparoscopy (key-hole surgery) which requires more surgical skills but is more beneficial to the patient in terms of faster recovery, less discomfort and not to mention aesthetically more pleasing. Laparotomy (open surgery) is recommended if the ovarian cyst is cancerous or is too big or too adherent to be safely removed laparoscopically.

Ovarian Cyst Surgery